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12 June 2018 News! Welcome Prof. Jian Chen from Tsinghua University, Beijing, China to be one of the conference co-chairs and keynote speakers. (Click)

12 June 2018 ICCMP 2018 submission is open now. (Click)

28 May 2017, News! ICCMP 2017 was successfully held in Tsinghua University. (Click)

25 April 2017 ICCMP 2017 program is available (Click)

20 February 2017, News! Thanks for the support from Hubei University. (Click)

08 January 2017, News! ICCMP 2017 is included in Natureevents Online. (Click)

22 December 2016, News! ICCMP 2017 is included in Sciencemeeting Online. (Click)

5 November 2016, News! Prof. Frank Yang from East Carolina University, USA will be one of co-chairs and keynote speakers. (Click)

16 October, 2016, News! Prof. Weiyang Fei from Tsinghua University will be the Conference Chair and one of the Keynote Speakers. (Click)

5 October, 2016, News! ICCMP 2017 will be held in Tsinghua University. (Click)

26 September, 2016 The ICCMP 2017 conference submission is open now. (Click)

10 June, 2016, News! Papers for ICCMP 2017 were published in MATEC Web of Conferences Vol 62. (Click)

14 May, 2016 The ICCMP 2016 was successfully held in Copenhagen, Denmark, and held a wonderful academic visit in University of Copenhagen. (Click)

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